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In 1999, we had our first litter of purebred Border Collie puppies.

The biggest litter we had was 13.  Unfortunately, we lost one to hypothermia that year. However, Lady was a very smart dog because she planned her pregnancies during the cold winter months.  She knew if it got too cold, we would bring her inside to warm up especially when she was giving birth.  I guess that's where they get the saying "a dog's life!"

We've sold most of the puppies to farmers and ranchers around North Dakota, although a few have gone as far as Nebraska. They make excellent cattle dogs because they are very loyal and easy to train but also make great pets for families with kids.

In 2009, we bought a purebred male and female Australian Shepherd. After having Border Collies for so many years, we were happy to see that the Australian Shepherd makes an excellent cattle dog but is also still good with kids too.  In August, 2010, we had our first batch of pups with the female purebred Border Collie and the male purebred Australian Shepherd.  They looked more like the Border Collie with the exception of one that had a tiny brown patch.

Check back here periodically to see if we're expecting more pups in the near future.  You can also send an e-mail or give us a call.

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Photo credit: Kathy Smokov Dykes

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