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If someone would have told me that at 88 years old, I'd have a book about my philosophies, advice, and sayings, I would have told them they were crazy.

But a few years ago, our kids started bugging me about putting a book together. In 2011, they started collecting information. Everyone got in on the project from Betty and our kids to the grandkids. Nancy, our third daughter, has been working with other authors to help them self-publish their books so she took it upon herself to do the pre-production work and write the prologue which includes a brief history of my life. Kathy, our youngest daughter was visiting for a few months in late 2012 so she was the photographer for all of the interior photos that were used for the chapter title pages in the book.

The book has been getting good reviews because the seven chapters which include common sense, money, health, work, life, learning, and humor has a lot of tidbits that many people can relate to.

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Paul's Book

Photo credit: Nancy O'Neill