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Nancy O’Neill penned down her father’s years of sayings in It’s Always Somethin’. A hundred and one sayings from an old rancher; we will learn valuable lessons of life from Paul Smokov as he himself also contributes his personal narratives in it.

The beginning pages introduce us to the rancher who has an old-fashioned talent forecasting the weather by using a pig spleen. We learn about his upbringing, his failed attempt to join the military and his family’s life in North Dakota. Chapter one is for common sense – “Everything in moderation.” I’m glad that one of my favorite sayings and one that I hold firmly in my life is one of Paul’s too. His witty but firm sayings continue on throughout the book regarding work, health, money, learning, humor and life.

I read it every morning before I start my day; technically, I listen to whatever Paul has to say to me before I face the world. Most of the times I agreed with him, other times I was humored. Several times I pondered on his aphorism and a couple of times I simply responded, “No, I don’t think so.” But his sayings often help and keep me grounded whether my day is good or bad.

My gratitude to Nancy O'Neill for introducing her father Paul to the readers. To solely classify this as a motivational book is not completely accurate. It’s Always Somethin’ is something more than that, but definitely easier and fun to read than other motivational books out there.
~Lit Amri, Reviewer for Readers' Favorite


Remember your dad saying things that made no sense when you were a kid like, "Turn out the lights. Do you think I own the electric company?” Well, author Nancy O'Neill has put together a book of her father's sayings and anecdotes that now make perfect sense. Enjoy and reflect on an original piece of Americana through the eyes of an insightful father in this wonderful book, “It’s Always Somethin’: 101 Sayings from an Old Rancher.”
~David Yorke, Author of Vintage York Series

It was a lot of fun reading this book about Mr. Paul Smokov. “It’s Always Somethin’: 101 Sayings from an Old Rancher" will make you laugh. When you read it, I'm sure you'll find one of the sayings similar to what you or your family has said.
~Georgina Olivas, Children's author


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