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2013 marked a big recognition year for us. We received the Rancher of the Year Award from the North Dakota Stockmen's Association.

And who would have ever thought that we'd make world news because I learned how to forecast the weather by reading a pig's spleen?

Well, it happened on December 25, 2007! 

Associated Press reporter, James MacPherson, asked if he could write an article on this unusual way of forecasting. I agreed but couldn't imagine the publicity it would bring.  

In a matter of just a few days, the story was quickly picked up by over 200 newspapers, radio stations, magazines, and online media from all over the world. The Jay Leno and David Letterman shows both called to invite me to their shows but my reply was the same for both, "No way!  I have cows to feed."

We did, however, give a couple of radio interviews and the AP put together a slide show that was pretty interesting. Check out the links to the right.

It's taken a lot of years of hard work to get where we are today. Thankfully, along the way, we've received awards that show we've been recognized for our efforts.    

Below are some of the awards:  

  • North Dakota Rancher of the Year - 2013
  • North Dakota Hereford Association Commercial Producers of the Year - 1999
  • Outstanding Agriculturist for Kidder County - 1994
  • Listed in North Dakota Who's Who - 1984
  • Outstanding Farmer of the Year - 1979
  • North Dakota Conservation Award for Kidder County - 1979
  • North Dakota Stockmen's Association Honorary Member after serving for 8 years on the board and being a member for over 30 years
  • Leadership Award from Kidder County 4-H for years of service

  • Click on a link below to read or listen to one of the interviews or presentations.

    Photo credit: Kathy Smokov Dykes

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