In today's world, it seems if you want to have a business or just spread the word about something, you need a website. We are proud of our kids and grandkids and what they have accomplished so we wanted to share their websites and businesses with you.

You never know. You just may need their products or services at some point. And by all means, feel free to share the information with your friends and family.

Photo credit: Kathy Smokov Dykes

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Photo credit: Kathy Smokov Dykes

Box 305
Steele, ND  58482

In alphabetical order . . .

Creative Tech Guy - (Grandson) Jason is the son of Nancy O'Neill. After he "retired" from his Pencil Bugs business at age 16, he started teaching himself programming. He creates videos games and utility programs that he offers on his website.~Temecula, CA

Guess What Books - (3rd daughter) Nancy O'Neill is the author of a children's book series. The illustrations for the books are done by Kids Around the World which she selects through an art contest. ~Temecula, CA

Kristin Harrington, P.C. - (Granddaughter) Kristin is a defense attorney. She is the daughter of our youngest, Kathy Dykes. ~Farmington, NM

One Dot Enterprises - Nancy offers writing and editing services to help other authors self-publish their books.
You can also find her first adult fiction novella, "Her Way Out" on this site. ~Temecula, CA

Pencil Bugs - (Grandson) Jason O'Neill is an entrepreneur and author. He closed this business in 2011 but you can still read about his venture. ~Temecula, CA

Peterson Productions - (Son-in-law married to our oldest daughter, Bonnie). Phil creates memorial and special occasion videos as well as restores photographs and transfers old movies to current technology. ~Fargo, ND