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We have been using Angus and Hereford bulls on our cows for over 25 years and retain the Hereford heifers for our own replacements. There is no hiding them behind creep feeders as we don't use them but give the heifers 4-5 pounds of ground corn per day after weaning.They are raised all-natural with no growth hormones -- just good old North Dakota grass, water and Crystalyx supplement for the cows and heifers in the winter.  




Our purebred Border Collie, Maxi, had her sixth batch of puppies on October 7, 2012. All six puppies were sold before their weaning date as they make great cattle/working dogs but are also good for families with kids. The father, Bernie, is a purebred Australian Shepherd. 

This is our fourteenth year of raising purebred cattle dogs. For more information or if you are interested in future puppies, please email us or call 701-475-2870.


Photo credit: Kathy Smokov Dykes

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