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While writing a weekly column, "Through the Looking Glass," for the Steele Ozone Press, different topics began to jog my memory about events in my own life. The more I wrote, the more I remembered.  The more I remembered, the more I wrote.  Before long, I had accumulated a large collection of stories. As the stories unfolded, I realized they were more than just about my family. They also described historical events that many people may identify with and remember.

Although I have lived my entire life in North Dakota, my family managed to venture from the prairie on several occasions which provided many adventures. Seventy original photographs richly enhance these stories and events that span more than a hundred years; from 1883 when my ancestors immigrated to America, to 2008 when we were blessed with our first great-grandchild and many personal reflections in between. Strange, but true, facts such as the red snow in the winter of 1911, the summer toad storm of 1941, and weather forecasting using a pig spleen are just a few of the unusual stories that will peak the reader’s interest.

In our high-tech age of instantaneous, disposable information, my original intent was to simply document stories about my life to give to our children so that they would have something tangible to pass down to their children and future generations.  As Bikes, Trikes, Toads, and Roads: A Lifetime of Stories came to life, the importance of sharing memories and events with future generations became even more   apparent. I hope you may some day share your memories with others.



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