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Another year and we're still on the ranch.

We are located about five miles northwest of Steele, North Dakota off Highway 3. Our ranch takes up 1680 acres which includes 30 acres of land that the house, barn and other buildings sit on.  Our main business today is raising commercial Horned Hereford crossed with Black Angus cattle.

We still do a lot of things the old-fashioned way on our ranch. Sometimes it just isn't practical to run to a computer every time I need to find out about a calf, like when it was born or some other important information.  We keep files and cards on all our livestock as well as the purebred Border Collie/Australian Shepherd puppies we've raised and sold. We even record in a daily journal the weather conditions and other important facts.

As many fellow ranchers and farmers know, life isn't easy in this business but we've managed to sustain this lifestyle for  60 years. We couldn't think of doing anything else and we're not planning on retiring anytime soon.

This web site has a little bit of everything.  We hope you enjoy it!


Photo credit: Kathy Smokov Dykes

Paul & Betty Smokov

At 88 years old, I actually have a book that includes a lot of my philosophies, sayings, and advice on life, learning, health, money, work, humor, and a little common sense mixed in too.

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Photo credit: Kathy Smokov Dykes

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